Report: “Inglorious Bastards” to finally start filming in October…

After years of hard work of writing the script to the WWII epic “Inglorious Bastards”, Tarantino plans to finally start production of the film in October. Tarantino has made a deal with Harvey and Bob Weinstein with the Weinstein Co. to finance, distribute, and market the movie worldwide. So expect this to be a huge box office blockbuster!

Tarantino is still keeping casting underwraps, but I think he’s keeping quiet about the casting to surprise all of us.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

Although Sly, Bruce and Arny aren’t confirmed for this movie yet, it wouldn’t surprise me if those three action stars are already signed for this film.

With Brad Pitt possibly in the cast, I think John Travolta would be a great addition too.

I think Tarantino’s goal with this film is to have an entire cast full of big name mega stars. I really do hope Sly gets a role in this film, all of Sly’s fans wants him in this film and we all know this is a perfect film for Sly. Sly Stallone better not turn this one down!


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