Report: Linda Hamilton to have a role as Sarah Connor in “Terminator: Salvation”? Eh, sort of…

Linda Hamilton who played the original Sarah Connor in the first “Terminator” and “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” maybe in talks to have a role in the new Terminator film, “Terminator Salvation” but Hamiltons reps and lawyers responded to those rumours and shot them down that it’s not true.

The closest that she’ll ever be in the film that Linda Hamilton may have a picture taken for a photo that John Connor will have in the film, the film crew are trying to get her permission to take photos of her.

Don’t fret, Lena Headey who is the star of the “Sarah Connor Chronicles” TV series will not replace Linda Hamilton for the new film because that isn’t McG’s plan. Ever since James Cameron left the Terminator franchise, Linda Hamilton herself made a vow that she will NOT star in a Terminator film unless Cameron was helming it. She will not do a Terminator film without him.

More on it here:

Even though Linda may not be in the new film at least McG should have flashback scenes of Sarah Connor from the first two films, that be sweet to see flashbacks.


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