BREAKING NEWS: Mike Myers joins “Inglorious Bastards”!!!!!

Oh my! Another shocking casting addition to Quentin Tarantino’s WWII flick “Inglorious Bastards”! Yes, you heard that right! The Waynes World, Austin Powers and the Love Guru star, Mike Myers will star alongside Brad Pitt in “Bastards”.

Myers will play British General Ed Fenech, a military mastermind who’s mission to plot out a plan to destroy Nazis.

Variety Reports:

Myers going for something that is not a comedy film this time. Like Myers will have to speak an English accent and knowing how good he is at creating different voices when he speaks, I think that’s the reason alone Tarantino wanted him for the film.

This is an interesting cast so far.

Still no confirmation on Sly Stallone yet, but if anything, I’ll still see the movie in theater even if Sly isn’t in it or not ’cause I love Tarantino flicks.


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