Report: What about Bill? He ain’t afraid of no skydiving…

After going through a nasty divorce battle, it didn’t take long for Bill Murray to put his divorce with his latest wife behind him and move forward to have some fun! Bill Murray decided to go sky diving 13,000 feet in the air in Chicago, Illinois. He went with the US Army Golden Knights sky diving team.

He was real nervous of doing it but the man had a blast, he landed safely on a Chicago beach. At the beach a crowd was watching as celebrity actors were putting on musical performances such as Brady Bunch actress singing the National Anthem and Gary Sinise’s rock band, the Lt. Dan Band.

Bill Murray is a former star of Saturday Night Live and starred in many blockbuster films such as “Stripes”, “Ghostbusters 1 and II”, “Groundhog Day”, “What About Bob”, “The Royal Tennenbaums”, “Lost in Translation”, and the list can go on.

The Associated Press reports:

Go Bill! Sounds like a fun time.


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