Thought: Who else should star in “Inglorious Bastards”?

So far the confirmed cast is Brad Pitt, Mike Myers, and Eli Roth. I’ve read that Simon Pegg pulled out and some unknown actor got in. It was already announced that Leo Dicaprio maybe getting in soon.

Who do you predict that maybe getting the “Inglorious Bastards” cast?

I’m thinking Sylvester Stallone may get announced soon because Stallone has been quiet about his next movie and I think Stallone is waiting for the right time to announce he’s in this. So I definitely have him in mind. I really think “Inglorious Bastards” would be great for Stallone, this movie almost belongs to Stallone and I really hope Tarantino gets him.

Other actors besides Sly….I think Billy Bob Thornton would be a great addition to the cast. Maybe David Carridine too. I think Denzel Washington would be awesome in this flick as well. As for actresses, I hope Tarantino doesn’t go after Uma Thurman again but I’d like to see Scarlett Johansson in this.


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