This is great news!

Bill Murray who attended Fantastic Fest to promote his latest movie the “City of Ember”, he did a Q&A session on stage to answer fan questions from the audience.

Of course, someone just had to ask him if he’s willing to star in “Ghostbusters 3” to reprise his role as Peter Venkmen. Murray says he already knew that “The Office” writers were on board to writing the script. Murray went on explaining that enough time has passed and all the wounds were healed from “Ghostbusters 2”, he went on explaining how the first Ghostbusters film was the best experience in his life.

As we all know, in the past Bill Murray used to be harsh on returning to Ghostbusters 3 saying that he wouldn’t come back in the live action unless it was animated or a video game. In this video, Bill admitted his excitement for a “Ghostbusters 3” live action film grew in him after doing voice overs in the video game, he finds himself singing the Ghostbusters theme song as he’s walking down the street. Then he revealed the big news that he would definitely love to star in “Ghostbusters 3”!!!!!!

See the report at Aint It Cool:

Well Bill Murray is down, three more to go. We now need to hear from Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Harold Ramis if they are still willing to star in it.

We already heard from Ramis, he was the one who revealed that the Office writers were writing the film, but that doesn’t mean Ramis is starring in it, he was pretty quiet on whether he’s starring in it or not.

I’m sure the rest of the cast would be in. Hopefully Sigourney and Rick would be in too.


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