Report: Richard Donner speaks out on “Superman” and the “Lethal Weapon” series!!!!

Interview with film maker Richard Donner, the man responsible for bringing us the original “Superman: The Movie”, the Lethal Weapon series, the Goonies, etc.

Although rumours are swirling the nets that screenwriter Shane Black is writing a script for “Lethal Weapon 5”, Donner here said he is not doing the 5th one and he also confirmed Mel Gibson pulled out in returning.

He also speaks more on Superman, the movie that he brought to the big screen himself. He comented on Bryan Singer’s “Superman: Returns” saying how much he loved that film, saying that he nailed it. Isn’t it amazing to hear Richard Donner give “Superman: Returns” positive feedback after all this time?

He also finally gets his own star for the Hollywood walk of fame, which is deserving and long overdue. Congrats Richard!

More on it here:

Richard Donner is an amazing director. Ya know, I love the Superman movies and I would love it if Donner returned to direct a new Superman movie, that be great.

I’m glad there’s going to be no Lethal Weapon 5 though. I hated Lethal Weapon 4. I only liked the first two Lethal Weapon films. 3 and 4 were pretty bad.


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