RANT: In defense of the man, Hugh Hefner, when people attack the Playboy giant…

When people attack Hugh Hefner, the man who famously owns the Playboy empire, with people saying very negative stuff about the man. Like how he uses and abuses women, and saying how women use him for money and fame, things like that.

If you think about it, the man is living the life that EVERY man in this world wish they had but they couldn’t. I know I would want to live that life owning my own mansion where I can get any hot and beautiful women I wanted, get rich and famous for doing that. People also assume that women using Hugh Hefner to get money and fame is really not all that true.

What do one thing that women love around men? It’s just one word “confidence”. Hugh seems like a very confident man that he knows how to hook up with any woman he wants and hook up with how many women he wants. You want to get laid with as much fast women as possible, you gotta have that “confidence”, if you don’t, you ain’t going to get anything at all.

For those of you out there, that attack Hugh Hefner because of his power and fortune with women are probably jealous of him because you know you probably want Hugh’s lifestyle yourself. If Hugh Hefner wants to open a magazine company for men that has naked women in it, just so he can get all the women he wants himself, hey, more power to him.

In fact, if you use common sense, I’m sure Hugh Hefner already knows that these women probably use him for fame and money. I’m pretty sure, Hugh doesn’t care about that. All Hugh cares about is keeping his Playboy empire alive and running, and living the life how he wants to. The women helps keep the Playboy empire alive.  So the women are needed for the Hef.

Everybody have their own different ways of living their life, The Hef is living his the way he wants to. If this is how he wants to live his life, that’s cool, more power to him. You can either love or hate The Hef, but you have to admit that you wish you were living the life he is having.

The man is around 80 years old, he’ll probably go out soon, so catch him a break and let him be happy doing what he wants to do before his time is passed. I respect the Hef. Always did. The man is just having fun and enjoying himself with women. Nothing wrong with that is there? He opened Playboy to entertain us men and does a good job with the Playboy company.


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