Report: FBI warns of a possible Al-Qaida terrorist attack in NYC Subways during Holiday season…

The FBI say they received a threat by Al-Qaida saying that terrorists may attack the NYC Subways around the Holiday Season. The report was “plausible but unsubstantiated”. The threat could possibly be aimed directed at the passenger rail lines such as Am Trak and the Long Island Railroad. The Subways during the Holiday season especially Thanksgiving and Christmas is when the city’s most busiest at. It could be the use of either suicide bombers or place bombs near the passenger rail systems.

The Associated Press reports:

Yep, Al-Qaida and Osama Bin Laden are still out there sending us threats and yet, President Elect Obama is still wasting his time on the economy. I think Obama would do nothing about this threat. Neither would President Bush who is almost done.

If McCain was elected, however, he would tighten up the NYC Subways security very quickly and would do anything it takes to keep NYC people safe.

How would they tighten up the security in Subways to keep people safe? Easy. It could turn into something like the airports. Forcing people to walk through metal detectors, searching bags, etc. They should do the same thing at Subway trains. I think they should start doing that.


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