BREAKING NEWS: Suspect caught and in custody for Anne Pressly’s murder…

Law enforcement is quick on finding the suspect for the murder of KATV’s Anne Pressly who is only 26 years old, was brutally murdered back in Oct. during a random robbery. Police arrested Curtis Lavelle Vance, 28, is now considered a prime suspect of the case and is now in police custody. They arrested him at his Arkansas home where he lived. He was travelling with a woman and three children, he also had a pistol and lots of extra ammunition, but he wasn’t armed when arrested. The police were tight lipped on how they found out that this could be the guy, but all they could reveal that this guy Curtis Lavelle Vance was using one of Ann Pressly’s credit cards which led to a hidden video camera recording him using one.

Anne Pressly is a popular news reporter in her homestate and town of Little Rock, Arkansas which she had a small cameo in the movie “W.” directed by Oliver Stone and starring Josh Brolin.

The Associated Press reports:

Congrats to the Arkansas police. Them catching the killer quickly is one thing that her family and friends can be thankful for on Thanksgiving. Justice must prevail to this loser that did this to her. Lets hope he gets life in prison fast.


0 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Suspect caught and in custody for Anne Pressly’s murder…”

  1. Betcha a Ku Klux Klaner that it isn’t the guy. They haven’t found the baseball bat yet cause its under Coulter’s bed. The FBI should check out LRPD.

  2. Another black on white murder/ rape. Whites need to come together and stop this dirty war that has been going on since the 60’s.

  3. They should stap this ANIMAL to a tree and tortured to death!! I have more respect for the dirt on the sole of my shoes than this thug animal.

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