Report: Axl Rose planning on suing Guitar Hero franchise…accusing video game of using Guns N’ Roses songs without his permission…

Axl Rose has threatened legal action against Dr. Pepper, and now he’s threatening legal action against the Guitar Hero franchise. What is he mad about at Guitar Hero? Axl claims that the game used “Sweet Child” and “Welcome to the Jungle” songs without his permission.

He says he’s okay and all good with Slash being involved with the game, Slash has been featured in the game “Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock”, but Axl is not okay with the franchise using his songs without asking him.

More on it here:

Remember, the copyright laws people. Don’t hate the musicians ’cause they want to sue over their music. It’s their music. If you own the copyright to something, you have the right to sue as you please. It’s all about protecting the artists work.

Axl is being protective over his music when it comes to Dr. Pepper, the Kevin Cogill “Democracy” blog leaker, and now Guitar Hero. Axl has every right to be doing what he wants to be doing. You may hate these musicians for threatening legal action, but hey, it’s their right, they have the right to do that.

I mean, if all this was happening to my songs and if people were stealing ’em and using ’em without my permission, I would threaten legal action too.


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