Poll: Which Holiday release film will you see this week?

There’s a bunch of movies being released Christmas day. I will definitely be going to the movies on Christmas weekend but not on Christmas day of course.

Which one will I see?

There are two of them coming out this week that I’m anticipated to see in theater. One of them is “Valkyrie” and the other one is “The Spirit”. I’ll probably see “Valkyrie” first but the only problem is, I don’t think that film will be playing in the Wilton Mall so I may see if I can go to Crossgates in Albany to see it. “Valkyrie” looks really good and it’s getting good reviews.

The other films on the poll look entertaining too, I will wait for DVD on “Bedtime Stories”, “Benjamin Button” and “Marley and Me”.

If you plan to see a movie in theater that’s already out and not on the list, click on “Other”, and name the movie. I also want to see “The Day the Earth Stood Still” in theater not only because it looks like a great movie, but only because it has Friday Night Lights, Kyle Chandler in the movie. He must be filming that movie while FNL TV show was on hiatus.

Looking forward to see what film breaks no. 1 in the box office, it’ll probably end up being “Bedtime Stories” ’cause it’s Disney and it has Adam Sandler in it.

I will see “Valkyrie” this weekend. Hopefully the day after Christmas.


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