Report: NYC Supermodel, Liskula Cohen, sues google to force them to reveal who is behind anonymous blogger cyberbullying her…

Anonymous bloggers, beware. You can’t get away with anything, even on the internet and NYC supermodel Liskula Cohen, is going to make sure they don’t get away with cyberbullying harassment!!! Liskula is suing who owns the blogspot internet blogs, as a way to force them to reveal who is behind the anonymous blog simply titled, “Skanks in NYC”. A blog aimed toward Liskula cyberbullying her on a public blog.

More on it here:

See the “Skanks In NYC” blog here…

Knowing from my own experience of anonymous bloggers using blogs for cyberbullying, there is no way you can e-mail the customer service support to have it removed through blogspot. Google won’t do anything for cyberbullying anonymous blogs. That is probably what gave her no choice but to sue google. I’m glad this girl is fighting the power and doing this the hard way!!! Blogspot is a crappy blog site anyway. I hope she wins the suit and finds out who is behind it!

Yes, it may be extremely difficult and challenging to find out who is behind the anonymous “Skanks in NYC” blog, the blogger may use a proxy server so he/she wouldn’t be traced, but I’m sure there’s plenty of computer experts who work for google who will hunt down that anonymous bully in like 5 minutes!!!


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