Friday Night Lights – Season 3 premiere thoughts…

Just got done watching the Friday Night Lights – Season 3 premiere. I’m so happy to see the show back. Just to give a quick brief review ’cause I don’t want to give out any story spoilers.

The show just got even better. 1st episode of Season 3 were better than the first two seasons. Acting of the cast has improved. Yep, the same actors in the same cast is back. Everybody is the same and has the same personalities except the girl who plays Tyra has a new hairdo and she looks a little older. Tim Riggins is still the same drunk who picks up a lot of girls. Coach Eric Taylor is no different either, the same old short tempered coach who does his best by keeping his team mates in good moods so they can win the football games. I’m glad the writers didn’t change the characters.

Hopefully the ratings will be good on the first episode. This weekend, I’ll keep an eye out for a ratings report to see how the first episode did. Hopefully Season 3 will be successful so there can be a Season 4. This show deserves to be on the air for a long time.


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