Report: “Friday Night Lights” Season 3 premiere ratings are in and did okay!!!

Friday Night Lights Season 3 premiere did surprisingly well in it’s first episode. It went up a little bit, FNL was up at 4.6 million viewers but dropped down toward the end with 4.1 million viewers. Not so bad at all. Hopefully the ratings will go up a little higher as the Superbowl approaches.

See it here:

4.6 for FNL is not that great or excellent but it did okay in the ratings. As long as the ratings stay around there for the rest of the season, there maybe a hopeful Season 4. FNL is my favorite show on TV and it would be sad if it’s gone this soon, so I’m happy the show’s back for now. FNL is the best TV drama show since the “Wonder Years” with Fred Savage.


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