Thought: The Inaugural Celebration…about the live music performances…

I watched “The Inaugural Celebration” on HBO tonight, just for something to watch on TV. I didn’t watch it for Obama, I just watched it for the music performances alone.

Most of it was a real sleeper and a total borefest. There were a few really good performances tonight though.

The ones that were good: John Mellencamp singing “Pink Houses”, Garth Brooks doing a medley mix of songs (the dude still has the talent and the super stardom like he always had)…also Stevie Wonder, Usher, and Shakira tore the house down when they did the song “Higher Ground”, man that performance was amazing, usually I don’t like Usher’s music but he did really great in Washington D.C. The last performance was a surprise appearance of Pete Seeger singing the traditional folk song, “This Land Is Your Land”, that’s a history making performance right there. It was great.

I do wanna say that U2 was really bad tonight. I love the band U2, they are my heroes, but tonight, U2 sucked horribly. Bono sang like shit, the band sounded like shit playing outside. Yeah, I know it was freezing cold outside in Washington D.C., maybe that could explain them, playing like crap.

Even though I don’t really care for Barack Obama all that much, the only good thing about him getting elected, is President W. Bush being gone in two more days. That’s the only good thing about Tuesday is Dubya being gone. Good riddance to Bush.


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