Report: Axl jealous of Slash’s popularity?

I guess Axl still does have pure hatred for Slash after all. When Axl says, “the less anyone heard of him or his supporters, the better”…I think that’s a sign of jealousy right there. It’s obvious Axl’s still paying attention to Slash’s career with the Velvet Revolver. These days the Velvet Revolver is more successful than the new Guns N’ Roses. Maybe that’s Axl’s grudge against Slash?

Notice when everytime Axl talks trash at Slash publicily, Slash never responds and ignores him. Slash is a guitar great and a good dude. Axl thinks he’s destroying Slash by talking trash about him on the internet. Come on Axl, you pussy, try saying this stuff in front of his face and show that you’re a tough guy.

Blabbermouth reports:


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  1. Kev, I’m little surprised at Axl’s bitterness towards Slash. Axl has always gotten what he wanted. He got the band to himself, everyone else is gone. Maybe he’s bitter because he knows nobody is going to take him seriously while using the Guns n Roses name if Slash isn’t in the band. At first when Chinese Democracy came out, you saw some reviews that really liked it. I think people WANTED to like it. Now, most are like, “this is ok, but we had to wait 15 years and all we got was THIS!”.

    I think it’s a situation of be careful what you wish for for Axl. Slash was the last guy to join the original GnR. Axl wanted him in the band. Then they get popular. Axl gets negative publicity for being an asshole, showing up late, stopping concerts, not showing up, causing riots. Slash becomes a rock n roll ICON. Everyone thinks Slash is cool. He gets positive publicity. Axl can’t deal with not getting all the attention and can’t deal with Slash’s power in the band. When he got Slash in the band he got everything. He got the guitar player, but he also got a rival he hadn’t bargained for.

    The new GnR is also a ‘be careful what you wish for’ as well. Axl got rid of everyone in the band and has a hired band. He’s got a bunch of people that kiss his ass and won’t question him. He wanted this. He also got a lukewarm reaction to the new album, and alot of people that won’t take GnR seriously unless the old lineup is together. This is something he hadn’t considered and didn’t want. When you wish for something you get the good and the bad. Axl will never take responsibility for anything negative. GnR is basically dead.

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