Thought: Brock to seriously get into martial arts???

When I was a kid, in the old days, I was very heavily into martial arts, and I’ve always have been into karate and wrestling, all that stuff. As a kid, I’ve taken karate lessons, the furthest belt I went up to was I think was a green belt.

Well, today, I think I’m going to look into getting back into martial arts again. There is a karate school in Greenwich. It’s called the New York Martial Arts Academy, which is a major karate business chain that’s all over the New York State, there’s a New York Martial Arts Academy in Greenwich too. It’s a school where you get to learn all of Bruce Lee’s moves and techniques. I’m definitely thinking about joining up that school and try to get the black belt that I always wanted. Maybe even get myself into profesional karate or Indy wrestling.

I just want to get myself into some physical sport. I think martial arts or wrestling is something I want to get into. It’s one reason why I’ve been looking into fitness/working out so I can get toughing up to prepare for that stuff.

If I ever get into martial arts, karate or wrestling, maybe the haters will think twice before saying something nasty to me, lol, only kidding. I will only use the physical fighting just for self defense only, which is why this stuff is here for. I don’t even want to fight or be violent at all, I just want to become physical and be active with myself. Just for something good to do besides hanging around the house all the time and something to feel good about.

Basically, the only reason is I want to prove people wrong that I can be a physical person ’cause I certainly don’t like being looked at as a small and weak person. This Spring/summer, I’ll look into getting myself into that karate school. It’ll be a good thing for me to do.


0 thoughts on “Thought: Brock to seriously get into martial arts???”

  1. One thing I like to do is defend myself from women’s vaginas with my boner.

    How are you going to defend yourself against someone with a gun? Get my point? Time to buy a gun.

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