Pinocchio 70th Anniversary DVD/Blu Ray…

I’m probably going to pick this up this week, next time I go to the Wilton Mall again. I’m not into Disney movies that much, but there are very few that I love, and “Pinocchio” is one of them. I think it’s one of my favorite animated Disney films of all times. It tells a great story.

Some other animated Disney films that I like quite a lot are: “Snow White”, “Fantasia”, “The Sword In the Stone”, “The Fox and the Hound”, “Pocahontas”, “Mulan”, “The Toy Story” series, “Wall-E”, and “Lady and the Tramp”. All the other ones are too overrated for me.

I really think, “Pinocchio”, is the best Disney animated film ever made, that’s just my personal opinion.


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