Report: Nicolas Cage is still a box office draw, “Knowing” tops box office weekend with a whopping 24.8 million!!!

Yet, another reason to give Nicolas Cage respect. Nicolas Cage haters out there needs to shut their mouths about him, because it’s a proven fact that he’s one of the most hardest working and successful actors in Hollywood more than anybody out there.

Cage’s “Knowing” hits no. 1 this weekend making a decent 24.8 million. Not bad. Not bad at all. I haven’t seen, “Knowing”, in theater, but I really want to see it. Looks like a great film.

The Associated Press reports:

Also, look at all these successful films that did well in the box office in Nic Cage’s career, check out box office mojo:

His biggest films that made the most money:

  1. National Treasure: Book of Secrets
  2. National Treasure
  3. Ghost Rider
  4. Gone In 60 Seconds
  5. Face/Off
  6. Con Air
  7. The Rock
  8. Moonstruck
  9. World Trade Center
  10. The FamilyMan

Those that keep knocking Nicolas Cage’s acting skills, it doesn’t matter if you think his acting is good or bad or if you wonder why he is still working. He is still working because it’s a proven fact that he’s still a box office draw.

I’m sure his remake of “Bad Lieutenant” will make very good bucks in the box office as well. Why should he quit if he is still making Hollywood a lot of money through his films? I think that proves he is doing something right. You can’t deny that Nic Cage has got some great films. He’s an interesting guy and unique.


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