Report: “Star Trek” sequel already greenlighted by Paramount…

Even if J.J. Abrams “Star Trek” didn’t even come out yet, Paramount already greenlighted the sequel. J. J. Abrams Bad Robot is on board for producing again, but there is no official word if J.J. will return to direct the sequel. There are three different writers hired for the sequel.

The writers are not doing anything with the script at this point, because they are waiting to see an audience reaction to this “Star Trek” film when it hits theaters May 8th. So the writers basically, have no plans for a storyline right at this moment.

Variety Reports:

I bet the sequel will be entirely focused on the young cast just like the upcoming film.

Now this will make William Shatner feel better because since he didn’t make this movie for a role, maybe, they will bring the adult Captain Kirk back to the sequel? I think the Shat got their attention that he wants back in the new movies, and he may get his chance next time around.


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