Report: Chace Crawford set to star in Paramount’s “Footloose” remake…

“Gossip Girl” star Chace Crawford has signed on to star in the Paramount Pictures remake of “Footloose”. “Footloose” is a 1984 teen film that originally starred Kevin Bacon. This was the film that turned Kevin Bacon into a big name star and started to rise into fame.

Paramount’s goal with this one is they want a more mature and edgier version than the original. Filming of the “Footloose” remake is scheduled to begin in March. The film is being directed by Kenny Ortega.

Zac Efron was originally attached to star in the remake as Ren McCormack, but he turned it down due to doing “High School the Musical 3”  and the “Charlie St. Cloud” film instead.

Variety Reports:

I haven’t seen the original in a longtime but I actually like the idea of a darker and edgier version, instead of making it a tweeny film. I think Paramount is aiming for everyone to see this, not just tweens.

Will we get a Kevin Bacon cameo in the remake? It’s possible.


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