Report: John Lithgow returns to playing a villain in HBO’s “Dexter” for 4th Season only…

Actor John Lithgow has joined the cast of HBO’s “Dexter” for the fourth season only. Don’t remember who John Lithgow is? For most of his career, he has starred in a slew of Hollywood movies, then he stopped doing movies for a while to do TV sitcoms like “3rd Rock From the Sun” and “Twenty Good Years”. When “Twenty Good Years” got cancelled, John Lithgow moved on to the theatre stage, and to make music albums for children.

John Lithgow is known to play controversial villains in such films like, “Raising Cain”, “Ricochet”, “Santa Clause: The Movie”, “Footloose” and Stallone’s, “Cliffhanger”.

In “Dexter” John is set to play a vicious serial killer. It looks like John will be playing a prisoner serving a life sentence.

Variety Reports:

I don’t know why John stopped doing Hollywood films. He should make a big screen return. Everytime he tried TV, he fails. He is a decent actor and a funny guy. I like Lithgow.

Glad he’s back to playing the badguy again! I’ll tune in to “Dexter” to see if he still has the acting chops playing the villain again which I’m sure he still does. When he played the villain in movies like “Raising Cain”, “Ricochet” and “Cliffhanger”, John is a fucking psycho!!! He’s so scary as a villain which I think is what he does best at.


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