Report: Patrick Stewart finally saw, JJ’s “Star Trek”, and gave us a review…

Former, “Star Trek – The Next Generation” actor, Patrick Stewart, who originally played Captain Jean Luc Picard, finally got to see the new, “Star Trek” movie in London. Patrick’s review of, “Star Trek” is very positive of course. Sounds to me like he was totally blown away and thought the film was amazing as well.

However, he does admit that he finds it a little odd and weird watching a Star Trek movie that he didn’t star in… especially after starring in the last 4 Star Trek movies that starred, “The Next Generation” cast.

More on it here:

I wonder if Patrick Stewart will ever return to the big screen? Play in other movies besides, “Star Trek”? I know Patrick is doing theatre plays right now, but wouldn’t it be fucking sweet if Marvel film gave Professor Xavier his own movie? Patrick played Professor Xavier in the 3 X-Men movies. It be great if Patrick returned to that great character.


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