is the one that started the Megan Fox protest… website is the one that started the ban Megan Fox for a day protest. It’ll be on Aug. 4th where Asylum and other men websites will not post anything about Megan Fox for a day.

Brock thinks those douchebags behind the website are hands down, jealous of Megan Fox’s fame and hot looks. So they are doing this as a publicity stunt to help promote their stupid website.

While I vow to make a Megan Fox post a day in this blog for the rest of the summer, on Aug. 4th, “Kbrocking Entertainment” will not post any other news related items and will be posting nothing but Megan Fox stuff all day long on Aug. 4th.

When Aug. 4th comes, this blog will be all about Megan Fox.

The media picking on Megan Fox is just proving that people are jealous of her hot looks.

I love Megan Fox, so I personally love seeing her everywhere ’cause I want my Megan Fox eye candy. She is the most beautiful celebrity on this planet right now.

Here’s a big fuck you to and their not so intelligent readers.


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