Report: Paul Reubens is reprising Pee Wee Herman back to the live stage…

Yes, that’s right. Paul Reubens the star and creator of this character, Pee Wee Herman, is officially coming back! Only thing though, Pee Wee, the crazy man child with the suit and red bowtie is heading back to the stage as, “The Pee Wee Herman Show”, not on the big screen.

Paul Reubens first brought us the Pee Wee Herman character way back in 1981 at the Groundlings theatre. Then the character brought us two major motion pictures, “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” directed by Tim Burton and “Big Top Pee Wee”.

Last year, Paul Reubens hinted at bringing Pee Wee back ’cause he’s stated he is writing a few scripts for the next Pee Wee movies. Look like he is bringing the character to the stage first to hype his return.

The new Pee Wee Herman show is scheduled for 17 performances at the Music Box and Fonda Theater in Hollywood beggining Nov. 8th.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

Lets hope Paul don’t get caught jerkin’ off in front of Miss Yvonne when she isn’t paying attention.


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