Thought: Movie fans needs to respect actor, Nicolas Cage…

When I read through movie forums, movie blogs and other movie news sites, when Nicolas Cage is being discussed in a news story, he seems to get a lot of hate. Mostly people claim that he is not a good actor. He doesn’t have good acting skills.

Um…like Nicolas Cage or hate him, he is a huge box office draw. He had some bombs and flops, but most of his filmography were smash hits.

I defended Nicolas Cage once before in this blog, and I wouldn’t mind doing it again. I have no problem with Nicolas Cage’s acting, he’s fine in my book. He’s just an actor, that’s all he is. Just a guy doing what he loves, making movies. This guy is an Oscar winner, and doesn’t have bad acting? He won for the movie, “Leaving Las Vegas” which is one of his best films.

Movie fans also claim that he doesn’t pick movies very well. Um, please?

Check out his box office mojo:

If a film he picks makes a lot of money, I believe he is doing a very good job choosing his roles. Nicolas Cage is also one of the hardest working actors on this planet. Pretty much the hardest working I’ve ever seen.

When was the last time Nic Cage had a hiatus from film? He never did. He’s always made film after film. When he finishes one film, he’s off to make another. That’s all this dude does in his life, is make movies.

People should respect him for that, but nope I think people just trash him with a fit of jealousy rage. Even if you hate him, I’m sure you at least love a few of his movies, you gotta admit that. He’s a guy that stays out of the tabloids, he doesn’t give interviews too much, he concentrates on working.

My top ten favorite films that he starred in are:

  • Con Air
  • Face/Off
  • Snake Eyes
  • Matchstick Men
  • Next
  • Raising Arizona
  • The Rock
  • National Treasure (first one only)
  • World Trade Center
  • Knowing

You may think he’s boring and not good, but it’s only opinion. The man works hard. All of them box office hits he made, this is the reason he is still around. As long as you are paying to see his movies in the theaters, this is how he makes his money as well, something to think about.

I thought “Knowing” was one of his best films he’s done in a long time. His acting is actually great in that film, he delivers it, plus the story to that film is great writing. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

Nothing wrong with Nicolas Cage at all, and I don’t understand why most people think he’s so bad. He’s a good dude, in my book. He deserves the respect.


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