It’s time to get my own exercise cardio machine…

Now that Fall is here and Winter is around the corner, it will be kind of difficult to do outside cardio since it will be cold, raining, even snow, etc. So I’m thinking it’s about time for me to get my own cardio machine. I’m probably going to go for a cheap and small treadmill machine. I’m sure you can find a cheap treadmill machine anywhere. I’m not going to spend like $500 – over $1000 on a machine, just something under $300.

I’ve been collecting my own gym equipment, so I can do all workouts at home so I can stop going to the gym in the future whenever I get all the stuff I need for each body part. Starting off with a dumbell collection first. Then I’ll get a bench press and a barbell set somewhere down the road. I’m sure you can get other cheap weight lifting machines anywhere too like on ebay, craigslist or yard sales, etc. You don’t have to spend thousand of dollars at sporting good stores.

I already picked up a chin up bar for pull ups earlier this year which I have been using quite a bit.

Going to the gym is okay, but you can still do all the similar workouts at home too. I’ll be hitting the gym tomorrow.


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