Report: David Letterman admits to sex with female staff at “Late Show” studios while revealing being a victim of extortion…

David Letterman, the iconic late night talk show host, has a sex addiction problem? It appears that he really does. David Letterman the man himself, revealed on his talk show, that he is a victim of extortion. While admitting that he had sex with pretty much all of the female staff of the “Late Show” studios, he explained he received a packaged, with letters from a man saying he knows what Letterman did and wants him to pay $2 million for a movie this man was making about Letterman’s life and his sexual affairs with the women of the “Late Show”.

You can also read plenty more on the story at TMZ and most of entertainment news sites:

So you ask, why would Dave want to fuck every woman in the “Late Show” staff when he just married his longtime girlfriend? It’s because he can. He’s rich, famous, and a legend. On top of that, I’m sure these women he banged in his office are probably married too. These women just couldn’t refuse to get banged by a TV icon.

At first when Letterman revealed this on TV, I thought it was another one of his silly jokes making it up for a laugh, but turns out that this is real. Since the guy that extorted him is arrested and indicted.

Dave sounds like a crazy man that likes to party but in a good way.


One thought on “Report: David Letterman admits to sex with female staff at “Late Show” studios while revealing being a victim of extortion…”

  1. Some gals in Wisconsin had fun with a party boy! They teamed up to rendevouz at a sleazy hotel with the party boy, tied him to the bed, and glued his genitals with crzy glue. That’s what the Lecherman gals can do next time.
    That producer took a check? Writing a bad check is a crime! Since the guy had a worthless check, there is no case. It was entrapment by Lecherman. Hobes know to demand cash, and meet in our part of town where fancy pants would be sweating just seeing the lowlife scum in the joint.

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