Thought: The Governator keeping himself busy in politics…

Governor Schwarzenegger has been keeping himself busy in politics in California lately. Signing all these new bills, and making new laws in Cali. He’s been doing everything from honoring Harvey Milk, being honored to Parkland, signs a new solar energy bill, vetoing the puppy mill, signing a new DUI law, etc.

His latest is signing a bill against the paparazzi’s in Hollywood. Making it easier for celebs to sue against media and making it harder for paps to shoot pics of celebs without their consent.

Obviously, Arnold was a huge movie star before his political career, so he knows what it’s like to be stalked by the paps and knows what it’s like being in the tabloids. I know how much Arnold hates the paps, you think he’s doing it for himself and his family, but I don’t think so. Arnold still supports Hollywood and his fellow film actors, so he wants to help all celebs. I had a feeling Arnold would make a law like this against the paps.

Celebs are human beings too and they deserve their privacy. So this is one thing Arnold did that I actually agree with. It’s about time!


2 thoughts on “Thought: The Governator keeping himself busy in politics…”

    1. You took my Erin Andrews post out of context. What I was saying in that post, of course, she deserves her own privacy but things like this happen to women if they are hot looking like Erin is. I’m saying in that post that it’s her own fault that she wasn’t careful about her privacy if she didn’t want it violated. I wasn’t asking for hot women to expose themselves without their consent. Re-read the post again, mate.


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