BREAKING NEWS: Shane McMahon resigns from WWE, effective January 1st, 2010…

Shane McMahon who is the son of Vince and Linda McMahon has officially announced resignation from the WWE. Those who don’t know who he is, he was also an occasional performer in WWE known as the “Boy Wonder”, he sometimes wrestles in PPV matches and performs in storylines with other superstars. He is also the Executive Vice President for the Global Media for the WWE business overall behind the scenes.

Read Shane’s open message to WWE fans on here:

Is this for real or is this a storyline? First Linda McMahon resigns from WWE to begin her political dreams. Now Shane quits WWE. What is it with the McMahon’s quitting? Is Stephanie McMahon next?

Vince can’t quit ’cause he’s the owner, he would have to sell the business if he wanted to leave.

I’m sure Shane McMahon will return to WWE TV before he leaves in January. I’m guessing they will make him guest host for Monday Night RAW.


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