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Superstar Billy Graham slams Shane McMahon for jumping off the “Hell in a Cell”…

While I respect the hell out of Superstar Billy Graham, I’ll have to disagree with him on this one. Shane McMahon was willing to sacrifice himself just to put on a hell of a show. He didn’t care how hurt he was gonna get, he wanted to entertain the fans in a big way and he was willing to hurt himself in order to make it happen. Yes, wrestling is fake, scripted and a lot of moves are just acrobatic stunts but what Shane did here was pretty ballsy so I give a lot of respect for Shane for doing this move.

If you disagree with Shane on doing this risky move, why don’t you say that to Mick Foley? Mick Foley is a hardcore wrestling legend who put his life on the line many times just to put on a show. Mick Foley even lost an ear ’cause of a match he had with Vader. Mick Foley had many real life injuries just to put on a hell of a show.

After Shane’s match with the Undertaker at ‘Mania 32, I have even more respect for Shane McMahon now. Shane was willing to risk his life just to put on a show for us, he didn’t care what it took.

I think Billy Graham is just jealous of Shane ’cause Billy couldn’t do something like that.

I don’t know if Shane is really hurt ’cause of that jump but I’m pretty sure he’s beat up a little bit. Either way Shane didn’t care. Once again, he was willing to do anything to put on a show and that’s what he did it for.

I wish Shane would stick around longer but looks like his match at WM-32 is a one-off for him. He just returned part-time. Thank you, Shane, and I hope Shane does another match for us at WM-33 next year. I think next year should be Shane vs. Vince, would be cool.


BREAKING NEWS: Brock Lesnar hospitalized, Dana says he’s getting worse…

Reports have hit the internet that Brock Lesnar is hospitalized in North Dakota. Dana White won’t explain what is wrong with Brock Lesnar, the UFC Champ has gotten much worse.

There’s been speculation whether Brock got the swine flu or has a sexually transmitted disease.

In other UFC news, Shane McMahon met with Dana White in hopes of getting a certain position for the company which Dana will not reveal at this time.


and a small article about Shane McMahon with UFC here:



If Brock got some kind of sexually transmitted disease like AIDS or whatever, that wouldn’t surprise me since he’s probably banging Sable every night.

There might be worries that Brock may soon get forced to strip off his title if he doesn’t get any better.


BREAKING NEWS: Shane McMahon resigns from WWE, effective January 1st, 2010…

Shane McMahon who is the son of Vince and Linda McMahon has officially announced resignation from the WWE. Those who don’t know who he is, he was also an occasional performer in WWE known as the “Boy Wonder”, he sometimes wrestles in PPV matches and performs in storylines with other superstars. He is also the Executive Vice President for the Global Media for the WWE business overall behind the scenes.

Read Shane’s open message to WWE fans on WWE.com here:


Is this for real or is this a storyline? First Linda McMahon resigns from WWE to begin her political dreams. Now Shane quits WWE. What is it with the McMahon’s quitting? Is Stephanie McMahon next?

Vince can’t quit ’cause he’s the owner, he would have to sell the business if he wanted to leave.

I’m sure Shane McMahon will return to WWE TV before he leaves in January. I’m guessing they will make him guest host for Monday Night RAW.


Cool Video: Shane McMahon on TMZ…

WWE star and he’s also the company’s businessman behind the scenes of WWE, Shane McMahon gets caught by TMZ while walking the streets of NYC. This is Vince McMahon’s real life biological son.

Shane seems psyched and pumped up for Wrestlemania tomorrow night. Look at him, he definitely looks happy and upbeat, getting ready for Wrestlemania. So you know, Shane’s obviously going to be part of the action during the, “Triple H vs. Randy Orton” championship match.

See the video here:



Report: Shane McMahon to appear on RAW this Monday, and to announce new RAW GM?

Shane McMahon who is the real life son of Vince McMahon will appear on RAW this Monday night to announce the new RAW GM.

From WWE.com:


Who will the new RAW GM be?  

Will it be Eric Bischoff, Theadore Long, Vicky Guerrero or even Stone Cold Steve Austin?

My guess it will be a tie between Vicky Guerrero or Stone Cold. It wouldn’t surprise me if it is Stone Cold.