“JCVD” is one of Jean Claude’s best films ever…seriously check it out!!

Over the week, I bought the film “JCVD” on DVD. I never saw the film before. I’ve wanted to see it in theater, but the film was only playing in selected theaters in the U.S. since this is a French movie.

Jean Claude hasn’t made a great movie in years. Some of my favorite Jean Claude Van Damme movies are: “Blood Sport”, “Universal Soldier”, “Nowhere To Run”, and “Kickboxer”. That’s about it I believe.

I watched “JCVD”, last night and was really really impressed by it. The film is actually great. Jean Claude stars as himself in the film.

The film tells a story about an action star named, Jean Claude Van Damme, of course, who is struggling to get his life back together. He’s about to lose his family and his movie career. After losing a custody battle with his daughter in court, JCVD goes to the post office to get a wire transfer, only to find himself being held hostage in a robbery. At first, the movie tries to make it look like that JCVD was holding the post office hostage when it was another robber really doing it. JC was later being framed for robbing the post office.

I would seriously reccomend this movie, this movie reminded me of Al Pacino’s “Dog Day Afternoon”.

I wish this movie, “JCVD” had a wider release. Jean Claude’s acting skills was actually fantastic in this film. The film was beautifully made, and a pretty thrilling movie.

Definitely check it out. I think it’s Jean Claude’s best film since “Bloodsport”.


One thought on ““JCVD” is one of Jean Claude’s best films ever…seriously check it out!!”

  1. Good review. I was the exact same, thought it’d be another middle-of-the road VD film… is literally roundhouse kicked my face off!!!

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