Report: Steven Spielberg and Will Smith NOT doing “Old Boy”…

Steven Spielberg and Will Smith has both planned to do a film titled, “Old Boy” which was supposed to be adapted from the Japanese manga. Everyone assumed it was going to be a remake from the South Korean film, but Spielberg and Smith said it wasn’t. Spielberg and Smith seemed really excited and psyched to do this film until now.

It appears that Mandate studios didn’t like the idea of the movie. Movie fans hated this idea all over the internet, it seems that Mandate agrees with us movie fans that the idea of this movie just sucks.

You see, the Hollywood officials are even strict on directors who are legends and actors who are icons. They don’t care how big of a star you are. They’re not going to release something that doesn’t catch the public’s attention. So Spielberg and Smith won’t be doing this movie. Thank god.

Smith will indeed star in a Steven Spielberg movie one day, definitely, just not this one. So if you think that huge directors and big movie stars can do any film they want, think again.

Hollywood is a shady business. If a film doesn’t make the money, they won’t do it.

More on it here:


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