Report: U2’s free Berlin concert, it’s not really a concert if you can’t see it…

Hmmmmm, so you announce a free concert at Berlin, and promote it everywhere. People show up and they can’t see it? Why? Because the idiots in U2 performed the concert surrounded by a barrier!

MTV was there to film it and rapper Jay-Z performed a Bob Marley cover with the band. U2 fans were outraged by this.

More on it here:

I think I have lost respect for U2. I know they are one of the most hated bands, people hated on them for a long time, but it took me a LONG while to hate them. Which I hate them now.

Bono is an asshole, selfish and ego driven.

Playing all these really expensive stadium tours with ticket pricing so high just to see U2, when they should be playing for smaller arenas. U2, douchebags.

They’re probably gonna go back to pop and techno since, “No Line on the Horizon” failed.


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