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Your Meme for the day: WTF happened to MTV???



I remember the days when MTV used to be cool. When I was a kid, I used to be obsessed with the station. When I came home everyday from school, I would turn the TV right on to watch MTV music videos throughout the afternoon and the rest of the evening. MTV was an important part of music history, like it or not. Without MTV, I wouldn’t have known about bands and artists such as Twisted Sister, Dire Straits, Peter Gabriel, Weird Al, Nirvana, U2, R.E.M., Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, GN’R, Metallica, etc. All those bands were a major part of MTV.

It’s real sad what MTV has came out to be today, though. Nothing but reality shows. MTV still do play music videos but not as much as they used to. It’s obvious that the show, “The Real World” killed MTV. I believe, “The Real World” was the first reality show that MTV aired… then here comes Jersey Shore and everything else.

When MTV started playing reality shows, I would switch to watching VH1 ’cause they used to play more music videos than MTV. Now VH1 has turned into a reality show station too.

The world is obsessed with reality shows and it’s quite sad to see.



More on Miley Cyrus and her “twerking” performance…

As expected people have been going on and on about the Miley Cyrus performance all day on FB. I think that’s pretty much proof that people just don’t understand how the media and the entertainment industry works. The industry is all about “sex” these days. People go crazy over that stuff. Anything sexual in the media about celebrities, you can very well believe it’s going to be a media frenzy for days. The Miley Cyrus “twerking” performance was obviously staged by MTV. MTV doesn’t give a shit how offensive their material get through their VMA shows. They’re gonna do whatever it takes to bring up ratings. I just read on Deadline today that the ratings for the VMA’s during the “twerking” performance went sky high. No surprise there. Like I said before this is nothing new with MTV… they’ve been doing offensive sexual stuff for years… Howard Stern’s Fartman, Diana Ross feeling Lil Kim’s tits, Britney Spears in 2000, the Britney/Madonna kiss, etc.

Remember, this is MTV. They’re just doing whatever it takes to keep people watching and the sex all over those shows is the only way to do it since a lot of people aren’t into today’s mainstream music. Sex sells, folks. That’s all there is to it. The sex seems to be the only way to promote things in this day and age. Just watch. MTV will come up with something else for next year. Will Rihanna suck on a dildo during a dance or will Justin Bieber moon the audience? You get the point, I think.

MTV knows this stuff offends people and that’s why they do it. it’s all part of the entertainment. You think MTV is gonna tone this stuff down? HA!!!! They don’t give a shit how people feel. They’re happy with the ratings.

If you hate MTV so much, then why watch anyway? I don’t like MTV. I don’t watch it at all. Not even the fucking VMA’s. I avoid that network like the plague. Also, don’t blame this on Billy Ray, Miley’s father… I’m sure he was all for it ’cause even he would know it’s just a performance and it was for entertainment purposes. I’m pretty sure Miley got his approval before the performance and besides, people, Miley is not a little girl anymore. She’s in her 20’s. Let her be all sexual and perverted all she wants to.

My blog was kind of slow today ’cause I spent most of my day recording songs. The recording is coming along well. I’ll have another post about that soon.


BREAKING NEWS: Took them long enough, “Jersey Shore” finally cancelled!!! :-)

MTV announced that the upcoming new season of “Jersey Shore”, Season 6, which will premiere on Oct. 4th, will be the last and final season. There will be no more after season 6. MTV is finally cancelling the show.

More on the story, here.

I tried to watch the show for a little bit just to see what it’s like and it’s awful. How could people actually like this garbage? Glad it’s finally getting off our TV’s. Good fuckin’ riddance, I must say!


Why I didn’t post an obit for Ryan Dunn…

Ryan Dunn doesn’t deserve an obit here, why? It’s not because I hate him. I do like “Jackass”, it was a funny show and I enjoy the films, but drinking & driving is never cool. When people get killed drinking & driving, it is pretty much their own fault that this happened. They should have known better. I have a pure dislike at people who drink & drive.

Roger Ebert posted this controversial tweet on the guy:

Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.

Like him or hate Ebert, he is exactly right and had every right to say it. Not only that Ryan Dunn killed himself, he could’ve killed other people. That’s why this death gets no respect from me.

This post might be a bit controversial for wordpress, I am willing to take the heat from it, but I don’t care. I am not afraid of truth. Ryan’s death should be a wake up call for all people like us who like to party. Drink responsibly and don’t drive. Take a cab, walk, spend the night in the street, etc. Do anything but don’t drive.

A lot of people drink and drive. It happens around here too. It happens everywhere. Don’t do it. While my heart goes out to Ryan’s friends, family & fans, you can’t deny that he is a douche to do what he just did.


Edit to add: If this happened to Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi or Lindsay Lohan, I’m sure everyone will be saying “Good riddance, glad she’s gone”. It’s very hypocritical that people hate those two women for their drinking habits yet they have no problem with Ryan Dunn’s. Doesn’t matter who you are, it’s the same thing with everyone.

Report: Snooki & Jwoww get their own reality spin off show…

Well, it looks like Snooki and Jwoww, both won’t be returning to professional wrestling anytime soon. Snooki was part of WWE and Jwoww was part of TNA Impact. MTV plans to air the show next year.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

I think I’ll like watching this more than the actual “Jersey Shore” show itself. So maybe I’ll check it out. I don’t understand why so many people hate Snooki so much. To me, it’s all jealousy, that’s what it is. Whenever Snooki is posted anywhere online, I see nothing but nasty replies, like, “She’s a whore”, “She’s a B*TCH”, and all kinds of stuff. I don’t get it.



Report: U2’s free Berlin concert, it’s not really a concert if you can’t see it…

Hmmmmm, so you announce a free concert at Berlin, and promote it everywhere. People show up and they can’t see it? Why? Because the idiots in U2 performed the concert surrounded by a barrier!

MTV was there to film it and rapper Jay-Z performed a Bob Marley cover with the band. U2 fans were outraged by this.

More on it here:


I think I have lost respect for U2. I know they are one of the most hated bands, people hated on them for a long time, but it took me a LONG while to hate them. Which I hate them now.

Bono is an asshole, selfish and ego driven.

Playing all these really expensive stadium tours with ticket pricing so high just to see U2, when they should be playing for smaller arenas. U2, douchebags.

They’re probably gonna go back to pop and techno since, “No Line on the Horizon” failed.


Report: MTV names their top 10 movie badasses of all times…

MTV news named their top 10 movie badasses of all times, check ’em out here:


Not a bad list, but they aren’t the greatest badasses of all time. I’m shocked that Arnold’s, Terminator is not even on the list.

My version of top 10 movie badasses are here, these are my choices:

1. Arnold’s, Terminator

2. Rambo

3. Clubber Lang (Mr. T) from “Rocky III”

4. Jason Bourne

5. Heath Ledger’s, Joker “The Dark Knight”

6. Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) “Escape from New York/L.A.”

7. Tony Montana (Al Pacino) “Scarface”

8. Dirty Harry (one choice I agree with MTV)

9. Darth Vader from the Star Wars series

10. Indiana Jones

Now there’s your true, movie badasses list. Feel free to make yours.