Report: Motley Crue backs out of MTV Biopic film deal…

While the band Motley Crue announced back in 2006 they had reached a confirmed deal with MTV/Paramount Pictures to produce a biopic film about the band’s life and career, the band has decided they want out of the MTV deal. The film will be adapted from their best selling autobiography “The Dirt”. The band is now looking for new partners to make the film with. The boys in Motley Crue has finally came to a realization how disgraceful MTV has become today, and MTV station is partially responsible for making Motley Crue big and famous.

Billboard reports:

Geez Nikki! What took you so long to realize that MTV has gone down the crapper!!!! MTV started sucking ever since 90’s grunge rock died from the station.

MTV is no longer a music video station like it once was, it’s all stupid reality shows now! BOYCOTT MTV!!



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