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Thought: Ebert is only speaking from experience…

If you knew Roger Ebert’s history, Ebert was an alcoholic in his younger years way before he was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. Ebert quit drinking in 1979 and he has been a long time member of the AA. Read his old blog posts about his experiences, here.

His comments about Ryan Dunn on twitter, may have been controversial, but he couldn’t help it. As soon as Ebert heard about the news, I’m sure it brought back memories about his past. So he found himself on twitter, ranting about it and calling out on it.

The thing is folks, that not everyone is going to grieve over someone who died over a drinking & driving accident. Other people have the same feelings. I’m pretty sure if Ebert didn’t say it, somebody else would have.

I love Ebert’s new blog about Ryan Dunn: here. Like Ebert or hate him, he is right on everything he said.

On top of that, I’m 100% positive that this wasn’t the first time that Ryan drove while being drunk. I’m sure he’s done it plenty times in his past, but does it surprise you that it finally got to him? No. I’m certainly not surprised, when it comes to these Jackass guys.

What Ebert said may have been controversial and harsh, true, but it was meant to be. He means well. What he did was a wake up call. It’ll get yourself thinking, “Gee, maybe he’s right, I better not drink & drive”. Other celebs drove while drunk: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Keifer Sutherland, etc.

Drinking and driving is never cool. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you’re at a party or at a bar, you’re drunk off your ass, DON’T DRIVE. My original song, “The Crash” is about a guy who gets a cool car, so he takes his girlfriend for a ride. Yes, in the song they were drunk, he survives the crash but she doesn’t. “The Crash” is a protest song, a song about drinking & driving. I haven’t performed that song at a gig in a long time but I plan on reviving it.

Back to Ebert/Dunn controversy, the news hit Ebert pretty hard. It scared him. That’s why he couldn’t help himself but write that comment. I understand why he did it and I believe in him. He may have gotten a backlash for it but he was willing to take the heat for telling the truth.

Even if you’re not driving, you shouldn’t be riding in vehicles with a driver who is drunk. This is why I stopped going to bars and going to house parties ’cause this shit still happens everywhere. I gave up alcohol a long time ago. I wasn’t an alcoholic, I was an occasional drinker, but I had to give it up completely for my fitness routines.

What if Lindsay Lohan did get herself killed in a drinking and driving crash? I’m sure much more people would be saying worse things than Roger Ebert have said. Don’t drink and drive. This should be a lesson for you.


Why I didn’t post an obit for Ryan Dunn…

Ryan Dunn doesn’t deserve an obit here, why? It’s not because I hate him. I do like “Jackass”, it was a funny show and I enjoy the films, but drinking & driving is never cool. When people get killed drinking & driving, it is pretty much their own fault that this happened. They should have known better. I have a pure dislike at people who drink & drive.

Roger Ebert posted this controversial tweet on the guy:

Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.

Like him or hate Ebert, he is exactly right and had every right to say it. Not only that Ryan Dunn killed himself, he could’ve killed other people. That’s why this death gets no respect from me.

This post might be a bit controversial for wordpress, I am willing to take the heat from it, but I don’t care. I am not afraid of truth. Ryan’s death should be a wake up call for all people like us who like to party. Drink responsibly and don’t drive. Take a cab, walk, spend the night in the street, etc. Do anything but don’t drive.

A lot of people drink and drive. It happens around here too. It happens everywhere. Don’t do it. While my heart goes out to Ryan’s friends, family & fans, you can’t deny that he is a douche to do what he just did.


Edit to add: If this happened to Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi or Lindsay Lohan, I’m sure everyone will be saying “Good riddance, glad she’s gone”. It’s very hypocritical that people hate those two women for their drinking habits yet they have no problem with Ryan Dunn’s. Doesn’t matter who you are, it’s the same thing with everyone.