Report: Dustin Hoffman WILL NOT appear in “Little Fockers”, he is a bit greedy and egostitical…

Dustin Hoffman will NOT appear in “Little Fockers”, the third installment to the “Meet the Parents” series. The reason? He wants to be in the movie longer, but the studio only scripted him as a small cameo at the end of the movie, Dustin wasn’t happy about that. He also wasn’t happy with the scheduling and wanted to be payed more.

Barbara Streisand is still appearing and she’s still on for her role.

Entertainment Weekly reports:

Come on, Dustin, stop being a whiner!!! Where’s your professionalism? Of course, legendary actors like Dustin Hoffman’s ego will get in the way, that they think they are worth millions for films. He probably think he is bigger than Barbara Streisand.

At least, she’s still being a professional and accepting her cameo without whining. Dustin is just being a whiner, that is all. Gotta love greedy rich people!


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