Thought: How Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” is inspiring for adult men…

Yes, the “Twilight” series were mainly aimed toward the younger audiences, but notice that more and more adult men are starting to read the books, and seeing the movies. I am noticing that most men are slamming these series because of its teen content and soap opera like romance. Not giving anymore detail than that on why they think the series suck so bad. I am also noticing that most of these men haven’t even read the books or seen the movies. I think it’s because they want to fit in with the other haters to bash everything that goes mainstream.

What would make men get interested in reading the books or see the movies in the first place? I think simply because they are curious. They want to get into “Twilight”, to get an idea of why teens love ’em so much. Just like me, they are fans of vampire stories and they want to see Stephenie Meyer’s take on them. I’m pretty sure men get a little embarrassed at first, that they feel like a fool getting into teen “Twilight”, but once they read the books or see the movies, they’ll find them not so bad after all and actually enjoying it.

I have also read plenty of reviews of “Twilight: New Moon”, mostly men slamming the movie and giving the film negative reviews. Most of them say that the new film is a teen’s dream, something that kids would want, but some men still hate it.

You see, fellas, it doesn’t matter if you like or hate the series, either way. As long as Stephenie Meyer got all the men talking about these series, she is successful for that reason.

It might feel a little weird to go in a movie to see a bunch of shirtless muscle men in one movie, but you gotta admit it, that these guys have great bodybuilding physiques. It’s not gonna make you feel gay for getting into “Twilight”. It will make you feel like a “man”.  

Stephenie is a great, unique storyteller. She knows how to grab people’s attention, either good or bad. As long as people are talking about these series, Hollywood will bring us more.

Men enjoy soap operas and campy romance, that’s why they enjoy these “Twilight” stories. They simply want to know what it will be like to be in the teen world. Men are also hypocrites when it comes to bashing “Twilight”, because of its teen content and romance.

They really shouldn’t be bashing these series, when most men are into silly comic book superhero flicks that are aimed at kids, a lot of men are into Pixar films that are aimed for children, and a lot of ’em are into Disney flicks as well. So if you’re going to bash “Twilight” you gotta stop and think about some of the other kiddie things that you enjoy. Men are even into Spongebob and Pokemon. Not to mention, Star Wars as well.

“Twilight” is the Star Wars for teens. Give the teens respect for this ’cause they deserve this entertainment. I’m looking forward to seeing “New Moon”, will hopefully see it soon, hopefully this weekend.



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