Thought: Metallica meet and greet videos in youtube…an observation…

Ever since the Metallica Albany show, I’ve been watching all the backstage Metallica, “Meet and Greets” at their shows during the World Magnetic Tour so far in 2009. While I’m very impressed that the band loves their fans and they enjoy meeting them, I gotta be honest about a few things.

I’m noticing that Rob Trujillo is very soft-spoken, he seems kind of shy and nervous going around meeting people he doesn’t know. He seems like a nice guy though I’m sure the fans wish he would be more upbeat.

Kirk Hammett, the same with Rob. Except Kirk is always smiling all the time, I’ve never seen him angry. Kirk always seems very happy and upbeat, but he doesn’t talk to the fans long enough. Just a handshake, a few autographs, posing a few pictures with fans, and that’s it.

James Hetfield, he is a very talkative person and outgoing. It seems he loves talking to people and meeting complete strangers. It seems he enjoys talking to people no matter what they look like. He’s very respectful. Only thing, that James does have a huge ego problem when talking to fans, but I do respect him on wanting to get to know his fans.

Lars Ulrich, he seems like a nice dude but he’s another one of those people who won’t shut his mouth, always talking all the time and acting like a class clown in high school. He’s the most talkative person out of all the band members. He’s willing to sign anything that people shove in his face and willing to pose for pics with people as well. He seems to enjoy the “Meet and Greet” action the most out of all the band members.

Wish I got a backstage pass to the Albany, N.Y. TUC show. How do these fans get backstage passes to Metallica concerts? They probably win ’em off of radio station contests. Also, the fans probably know the people who work for the venue. Not really sure how else they get ’em. They’re probably not really that hard to get that people think.


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