Top 5 best films of the year coming soon…

I’ve picked my choice for my favorite “Film of The Year for 2009”. Since the end of the year is around the corner, it is time for all the Top of the Year lists to start coming like usual.

I’m not going to do the list now. I could, but I’m going to wait to see “Avatar” ’cause I know that film is going to make the list, no matter what happens. “Avatar” could be no. 1, ya never know, it could be or not. I’ll have to see it first, then I’ll do my top 5 of the year.

I picked a different film for no. 1. While I won’t reveal it now, I can give you a few clues. It is a science fiction film and no, it isn’t Star Trek. It is a film about aliens. There has been quite several sci fi movies and alien films that came out this year, so it might be kind of tough for you to figure out.


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