The shocking death of Eddie Fatu (or Umaga)…

So we learn about the sudden death of Eddie Fatu aka Umaga yesterday, and it sent a shock through the wrestling community and the sports community, all around. Why are people shocked? You may ask? Even though this guy was always considered a mid-card wrestler, and he has always been under-appreciated and not too well known, I think his death sent controversy because, he’s a young guy and people think he might have done drugs/steroids. People think he would be another one of those wrestlers that died of a drug overdose. That’s my guess is why the news is all over it.

I wouldn’t quickly speculate that he died of drugs/steroids just yet. One thing to keep in mind, folks, that Eddie Fatu is an over weight guy. Being over weight and obesed can cause people problems, no matter the age or the health. Never know. Eddie could have died very healthy and clean. His heart attacks could have been caused by his weight.

Eddie Fatu hasn’t been in the WWE for that long. He first made his WWE debut in 2002 when he formed a tag team called 3 minute warning, which he was in with his cousin, Matt Anoa’i. They went under the names of Jamal and Rosey. The storyline was that this tag team was formed, by Eric Bishoff when he used to be RAW General Manager back at this time. Eddie then was released from WWE took a long break to wrestle for TNA for one year. Then he joined All Pro Japan Wrestling for a year.

In 2005, Eddie Fatu made his full time return under the new Umaga gimmick. The gimmick was inspired from Kamala and the Headshrinkers back in the earlier days of WWE. Eddie wrestled under Umaga from 2005-2009 in WWE, then he left to become part of Hulk Hogan’s Australian tour which he was just getting back home from before his death.

When Umaga first came to WWE, he first started out with a long feud with legend, Ric Flair. Then he became a sidekick partner to Vince and Shane McMahon when they were heels back then. As I said, Umaga has always been a mid-card performer, but he has made some main events.

For example, remember, the “Battle of the Billionaires” match at Wrestlemania 23? With Umaga vs. Bobby Lashley with Trump and McMahon on their corners? That would be Umaga’s biggest match of his career.

Eddie was fired from WWE ’cause he violated the wellness policy, being tested positive for drugs, I guess, but that doesn’t mean he could still be using drugs now though.

Such a shame what happened. I wish Umaga stayed in WWE longer ’cause I can definitely see him being a huge main event superstar along the lines of Triple H and Undertaker. It’s too bad that will never happen. Umaga maybe a scary looking dude and he may have played a heel for most of his career, but before his WWE release, he was actually getting cheers from the fans.

Umaga was quite a wrestling character, unique. Probably, one of the best gimmicks WWE created in a long while. It really is such a sad loss to the wrestling community. He really had an impact on wrestling fans.

When I get around to it, I will make a video collection of Umaga as a tribute for this blog. RIP Eddie.


4 thoughts on “The shocking death of Eddie Fatu (or Umaga)…”

  1. In your first blog about umaga you speculated that it was drugs or steroids. Quote: “Definitely sounds like drugs or steroids to me.”

    In your second blog, you said: Quote: “I wouldn’t quickly speculate that he died of drugs/steroids just yet. One thing to keep in mind, folks, that Eddie Fatu is an over weight guy.”

    Then in that very same blog just a few paragraphs later, you go back to the drug accusation/speculation when he was fired for the welness policy violation: Quote: “being tested positive for drugs, I guess, ”

    Maybe he was fired for being, as you also speculated, over weight?

    1. He got fired from WWE ’cause he was tested positive and failed the wellness policy for the second time. The wellness policy is for drugs/steroid abuse, not for being over weight.

      Drugs could be responsible for his death, but he could have also been clean and healthy. WWE doesn’t fire people for being over weight. As there has been plenty of over weight wrestlers in the past: The Big Show, Earthquake, Andre the Giant, King Kong Bundy, etc.

      Andre the Giant died of a heart attack. He was clean and healthy, he had a heart attack because he was simply big. Eddie Fatu could have died the similar way.

      Eddie may have used drugs in the past but still doesn’t mean he could still be on them now.


  2. Kev- Both Yokozuna and Viscera were fired for being overweight. I agree with you , though, it could simply have been heart trouble cause by weight.

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