Could JJ Abrams “Star Trek” actually win “Best Picture”???

Look like the Star Trek franchise can actually land their first Oscar win for “Best Picture”, because there is a huge buzz going around the movie sites online, that the film could get a nomination. I agree, it deserves a nomination ’cause the film is a beautiful film. I love it to death. Could the Star Trek franchise actually be lucky to win one? None of the Star Trek movies from the past never got a nomination before.

If JJ’s “Star Trek” actually gets the win for “Best Picture” in 2010, that would be very surprising. I have a feeling that the Best Picture win will either go to “Precious”, “Inglourious Basterds” or “Avatar”…but “Star Trek” can actually get it.

It would be nice if something different wins the Oscars. “Star Trek” is a mix of action and sci fi, the new film. I would love it if it got the win for “Best Picture”, I don’t see it happening.


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