Report: Slash keeps turning down GNR reunion offer, no matter the price…

Former GNR man, Slash, revealed that he kept getting offers from Axl Rose to rejoin Guns N’ Roses, ever since Slash quit. Slash said he wants nothing to do with the band anymore. He’s happy with the legacy Slash created with GN’R from the past. He feels that if he rejoins them will ruin that legacy. Axl kept offering Slash loads of cash to try and talk him to rejoin, but Slash kept turning the offers down, no matter the price.

NME Reports:

Good on Slash, indeed. A Guns N’ Roses reunion with the original members should never happen ’cause it would ruin the legacy and Axl is ruining it by continuing on. “Chinese Democracy” was a pretty good album, I liked it, but it should have been an Axl Rose solo album, not under the Gn’R name.


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