Report: Radiohead’s guitarist Ed O’ Brien defends piracy on music….

One of Radiohead’s guitarists, Ed O’ Brien, spoke out on internet piracy on music and says it doesn’t hurt the music industry at all. I agree with him. He makes a point that pirates don’t spend their money on albums, that they rather get their music for free online, while pirates would rather spend their money on concert tickets, t-shirts, etc.

More on it here:

Honestly, I always knew that piracy didn’t hurt the music industry. Around the Napster free days, I was downloading songs from Napster for free all the time back then before Lars Ulrich came around and started this war against Napster.

I always saw people downloading songs for free as a way to promote a music artist. It helps gets the artist recognized.

I don’t pirate music at all now ’cause I don’t want to get sued by the RIAA.


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