RIP Johnny Depp??? Is he dead or just a hoax???

Damn. Rumours hit the nets pretty hard that Johnny Depp died in a tragic car crash in France. Due to what? Drinking and driving. The crash was real but nothing has been confirmed if Johnny is dead or alive. Like everyone else, I hope this rumour is fake. If it was true, TMZ would have confirmed it right away. I’m sure TMZ is looking into it now. Lets hope it’s not true. I’m sure it isn’t ’cause Johnny has been one of my favorite actors for years. It would be a huge loss for the movie industry if it turns out to be real.


Edit to add: The rumour was started bya fake CNN article in an Angelfire domain name and it was posted in Twitter. People say Johnny is still alive and well, but we’ll know for sure when Johnny himself would let us know. I’m sure he would come out to squash this rumour quickly, he probably will later today.

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