My guitar and amp came today!!!

Well, my new electric guitar and amp came by UPS today. I was pretty happy to come home from work earlier this afternoon seeing two big UPS boxes sitting there waiting for me. You betcha, I opened ’em right up asap.

The guitar that I got was an Ibanez Artcore Hollow Body Electric and she looks beautiful. The amp that I got is a Fender Frontman 212R. I also got an Ibanez chromatic tuner pedal and the Boss Super Overdrive stomp box. Got an Ibanez guitar case which fits my new guitar perfectly. Haven’t plugged it in and played through the amp yet. Need to buy some guitar cables so I can hook up my guitar and all those pedals into it.

I was very surprised on how fast this order is. AMS is a great company. I just ordered these yesterday and here they are now. I also bought a few other accessories as well.

The main reason why I want to go electric is not just to form a band and hopefully to play live again, I want to expand my guitar horizons. Get better at it and improve. Especially improve my lead guitar soloing so I can do some improvised jams. I’ve read the reviews on the Fender amp and they say it’s a very loud amp, loud enough to play it in a band and to play live with. It has two speakers and a footswitch.

The acoustic thing became kind of boring to me, I want to do something different this time. Rock it up some more and play guitar for the reason I picked it up in the first place. I may enjoy a lot of hobbies and different activities, but guitar playing and music is my no. 1. I’ll post pics of my new guitar and amp soon.


2 thoughts on “My guitar and amp came today!!!”

  1. Woah. That sounds like a sick set up! You definitely choosed the right stuff.
    I think you will like playing more and more. I heard Stanley Eisen plays a Ibanez Iceman and always comes up with cool riffs and hooks! I even think that was some ad he did for Ibanez…”You Can’t Hide The Hook!”

    Hope you get a jammin rock band and shred it up on that loud amp!

    p.s. Did your parents name you really “Brock” because they were WWF fans or did you make it up after you became a fan of Brock Lesnar? It’s always good to have a stage name so crazed fans and women don’t find out where you live in the phone book. All the big rock stars were smart enough to do that.

    1. Kev Brock is actually my staged name. And no I didn’t make it up as an anonymous name at all. I thought it up ’cause it sounded cool and it was more recognizable. It worked ’cause everybody knows the Kev Brock name. Cutting my name in half was kind of inspired by Richie Valens, got the idea from that.


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