Oscar nominations thoughts…very happy with this year’s selections!!!

Well the nominations are finally here folks:


I remember last year’s Oscar nominations was very dissapointing, simply because “The Dark Knight” got ignored for Best Picture

I’m very happy with this year’s selections though. Only thing I’m dissapointed in is that “Star Trek” didn’t get nominated for Best Picture, but I’m happy it got Best Sound and Best Makeup.

I’m glad to see my favorite movie of 2009, “District 9” nominated, I would think that is a shocker ’cause I didn’t think the Academy would go for that film. This year’s Best Picture selection is really great this year.

I’ve seen most of the movies nominated this year except for “The Blind Side”, “A Serious Man”, “An Education”, “Up” and “Precious”, I haven’t seen those yet but the rest I have seen. It is weird how Meryl Streep only got one nomination this year.

Everybody knows that James Cameron will get everything once again this year, but I really don’t want that to happen. My first choice for “Best Picture” winner would be the “Hurt Locker”. My second choice would be “Inglourious Basterds”, and then “District 9”, any of those three would make me happy. The Best Picture winner will probably be “Avatar” and I still don’t think that film deserves it.

Looking forward to seeing this year’s Oscars.


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