Thought: About the Kurt Cobain biopic movie…

So the Kurt Cobain biopic movie is finally moving forward. They have tapped, Oren Moverman, to write and direct the Kurt Cobain movie. To those who don’t know who Oren Moverman is, he did that movie, “The Messenger”. I know the Kurt Cobain biopic is getting a lot of hate, saying it should have never been done out of respect for Kurt, but I actually want the Kurt Cobain biopic to happen. He really deserves one.

With music biopics like “La Bamba”, “Walk the Line”, “Great Balls of Fire” and “Ray”…those films are really amazing and successful.

I think a Kurt Cobain film would be very dark, moving and powerful if  the script is good and the acting is good. Just imagine the film concentrates on Kurt’s dark past with drugs, marriage with Courtney, being suicidal, depressed, etc. Could the end of the Kurt Cobain movie actually show his suicide where he locks himself in a room and shoots himself in the head? That’s probably gonna happen. With the right actor, I think it could be a moving and powerful performance that could have Oscar potential.

The Kurt Cobain biopic could be something very special.

I’m sure there are more music biopics film coming in the future like there’s a Bob Marley biopic in the works. Also there’s a Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson biopic in the planning stages too.

Who do I think should play Kurt Cobain? Probably Taylor Kitsch from “Friday Night Lights” would be my pick. If you look at Taylor both are very similar. This would be a good acting opportunity for Taylor so I hope they consider him. While Taylor is known as a TV star, he sometimes appears in big screen movies. Taylor Kitsch last appeared in, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” where he played the Bandit villain.

As for who to play Courtney Love, Drew Barrymore maybe? As for who to play Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, I don’t know yet. Maybe unknown actors for them?


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